Merry Christmas!

This Christmas season has already proven to be way more fun – mostly because we already received the best gift ever! (And he has the onesie to prove it…see right.)

Trust me, it says “Best Gift Ever”!

Having a child during the holidays makes you remember how much fun Christmas used to be when you were little. I mean, yes, the true meaning behind Christmas is Jesus, etc. etc. But, for those not-highly-religious folks like us – remember, when Santa was real, you’d be up before the sun in anticipation (if you even actually fell asleep), and when your Christmas List didn’t consist of items like a toaster and a Bissell SpotBot? Oh, and, when you used to get so excited that you’d sneak out to the tree at 3am to open up the corners of your presents so you could see what you got, and then re-tape them before everyone else woke up. Wait – was that just me…? Oops, sorry, Mom.

I think it’s safe to say, Charlie is going to have an awesome first Christmas… He’s got not just one, but TWO Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments.

Note to new parents:  Trust me when I say, make sure you buy EVERY child you birth a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament…specifically, your third and final child. That is, unless you want to hear them complain for years about how they don’t have a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament like their brother and sister each have, effectively giving them a Christmas tree decorating complex that forces them to buy a “Baby’s First Christmas 1983” Ornament off of eBay when they are 25.


But anyway, where was I… oh yeah, my kid. Charlie is going to have a great first Christmas because he has about a million people who love him. Plus, Santa has already stopped by our house and there are about 50 presents under the tree. He even MET Santa at the Mall, even though he’s only 5 weeks old. (He only cried a little – he was a champ!)


We know that he won’t remember it, so it may seem kind of silly to “go all out” this Christmas. But, we are so excited to make a lot of memories (for us to remember) and to capture on film for him to look back at in the years to come. This is my favorite time of year, and Charlie has made it even better!

Merry (early) Christmas, everyone!
We hope this year has been as wonderful for you all as it has been for us.
XOXO, the Littelfields

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