Top 10 Things I’ve Learned as a New Mom

Here are my top ten’s after just about one month of Mommyhood:

10. You never thought it possible to get so excited about farts, burps, pees and poops – but it is. Oh, it is.

9. After pregnancy, your body will never be the same – although, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While my body is different (my hips are wider, and my boobs are way, way bigger), I’m already fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans that didn’t even fit me before I was pregnant!

8. Showering daily is not always a necessity.

7. Yes, that sour milk smell IS coming from your hair.

6. No, it doesn’t matter if it was just gas, that baby just smiled at you!

5. Now you understand why most of the women told you why labor “isn’t that bad”… and as more time passes, you start believing that statement more and more yourself.

4. If you can’t remember whether or not you ate lunch, you most likely did not eat lunch.

3. Yes, the advice “sleep when the baby sleeps!” really IS as annoying as it sounds – specifically when it runs through your head as you are lying awake at 3 am because you can’t tell if your baby is having trouble breathing, or just farting.

2. Your baby is just farting.

1. Yup, those who said it were right. As depressing as it may sound, becoming a parent makes you realize that dogs ARE just dogs. (Don’t get me wrong – I don’t love my puppies any less. As much as they aggravate me, I love them. It’s just that you don’t realize how much you truly can love another thing until you become a mom… Words can’t describe the abundance of love for your own child.)

Now, let’s round out this post with some pics of a cute boy and his canine buddies!


 Charlie and Dexter

Charlie and Libby

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