Top 10: Two Month Edition

A new list of mommy-isms, after 2 months on the job.

10. Yup, still getting excited about the farts, poops and burps. “What color was it?” is now a completely normal topic of conversation between you and your husband. Additionally, you have no problem taking a big whiff at your child’s nether regions to find out if he has made you a little gift. Even in public.

9. It is becoming increasingly difficult to hold back the mommy advice to pregnant friends. That’s not because you think you know everything, but because newborns can be such a puzzle you just want to share the wealth when you’ve connected two pieces.

8. Mommy brain has set in…it’s not your fault that you completely forgot to the family Christmas celebration and showed up 2 hours late.

7. You know the consequences all too well of waking a sleeping baby. However, when you “just can’t tell” if his chest is actually rising and falling, you still can’t help from tickling his feet just to make sure he’s still breathing.

6. There’s nothing wrong with passing off one of your bodily functions as the baby’s. “Tristan, I think the baby needs a diaper change.” “Uhhh, that might have been me…”

5. You have officially forgotten most of the labor pain, and would 100% do it again.

4. You’ve become THAT mom. You know, the one who licks her finger, and then wipes her child’s face.

3. You’re concerned that everything and anything that even touches the crib when the baby is in it is a SIDS risk. (Disclaimer, most things in the crib are a SIDS risk, but now that the peanut is at the highest-risk age for SIDS, paranoia is at its peak.)

2. Two month shots aren’t too horrible for the bambino, but that cry just makes you feel like the worst mom in the world… 🙁

1. You have never felt more loved, by your own mother. That’s because you can never truly know, until you become a mom yourself, how much your own mother truly has loved you for your whole life. There is no greater love than that of a mother for her child. You know this firsthand now, and that gives you a whole new appreciation for your own mom. Love you mumma!!

Two Months Old

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