Case of the Mondays

Well, I’m here and I’m officially 29.

As you know, I failed at my 10-Day Blog Post Challenge. But now you can understand why – I was spending a lot of time preparing for job interviews, followed by abruptly quitting my job, followed by 3 days spent in the deep Maine woods with no access to internet. So while I didn’t post every day, I did post a lot, therefore I’m still considering it a success!

This birthday was ridiculous. I say that because I’m still not over that whole “I quit my job” thing. I cannot believe I am 29, a mother and unemployed. I remember being in 3rd grade, playing on the playground and looking up the big hill to SHS. I thought, it’s going to be forever before I’m in high school!!!


We had a great birthday. Yes, we, for those of you who don’t know – hubby and I share a birthday. Luckily, I am 30 minutes older so I can say it was my day first. While sometimes it stinks to share a birthday (for reasons such as never being able to throw each other a party), it is also pretty awesome and there is no one I’d rather share my day with.

We went Upta Camp for Charlie’s first camp experience. What an awesome memory to make on our birthday!!! We love camp…so much that there will be a dedicated blog post about camp coming soon!  We kicked back at the little camp with some rum and cokes (none for Charlie of course – but he did get some formula and ate a whole jar of sweet potatoes!), yummy home-cooked meals made by my awesome mother-in-law, and I spent some time brainstorming writing ideas. We played a lot and the guys spent a ton of time working on fixing up the ‘big’ camp. (FYI – You’ll understand more about the big versus little camp and why one is being fixed once I write my next post! So, more on camp later.)

As I turn 29, I have a million and one reasons to be happy. These reasons include, but are absolutely not limited to:

  • Charlie, Tristan, Dexter and Libby
  • An awesome extended family
  • Awesome in-laws
  • Wonderful friends
  • A decent sized savings account
  • The invention of coffee and the internet
  • A nice home that will now be 100% home and 0% office
  • The fact that I didn’t have to set my alarm clock this morning
  • Kathie Lee and Hoda
  • The ability to breastfeed (damn, formula is expensive – boobs don’t crap out on me now!!!)
  • Having big enough balls to realize I was miserable and being taken advantage of, and doing something about it

Besides the fact that it’s raining, I can’t think of 1 thing that makes me unhappy in this moment.

I have a lot of exciting ideas about where I want my life to go. I’m going to put a lot of effort into this blog, a new website that I’m developing on my own geared toward Maine mommies, and searching for a job that I know is going to make me happy and fulfilled.

Only 362 days until I turn the-big-30! I hope next year’s celebration is a little less dramatic and a lot more exciting.

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