I’d like to Move it, Move it.

When I first got pregnant, the first (of many) things we panicked about was the fact that we needed a new house. We live in a small, 2 bedroom condo, and the second 2 pink lines appeared, it went on the market.

We kept the condo listed for a few months, and had a lot of interest. Unfortunately, 4 other owners in our complex also decided it was also a good idea to sell. I was also working from home and had to readjust my work schedule, as well as schlep 2 dogs out of the house, every time someone decided they wanted to come look at the place. As time passed, I was becoming bigger and bigger and my nesting instinct was growing out of control. Finally we decided, screw this, let’s just set up the nursery and figure it out in 9 months.

Now, Charlie is 8 months old. The condo worked out okay in the beginning. The nursery is cute, and I’m no longer working from home so that freed up a little space. But, with a baby comes a lot of  ‘stuff’… and lately, our living room has been in a constant state of this:

One may say, “Surely those baby items are not all necessary?”

To which I say, “You don’t have a baby, do you?”

I mean, sure he doesn’t need all the toys. But Charlie is in the transition age where we’re still using his infant toys, but we’re starting to explore some big boy toys. Translation – Fisher Price has puked all over our house. We are out of room. 

Imagine the above with the high chair and bumbo in the kitchen; the mass of toys in the nursery; the 500 bottles constantly in the sink; the 900 extra loads of laundry that are either dirty and piled by the front door (where our washer/dryer is) or clean, folded, and almost put away (i.e. sitting on our bedroom floor); the car seat; the dog beds, dog crates, dog toys; and, lets not forget, the husband’s toys (remote control trucks and light sabers – you know, the important things). We seem to keep acquiring stuff as if we have endless square footage to put it in. And I can only draw two conclusions:

  1. We are a hot mess, and
  2. We need a bigger house.

I’m going insane, feeling like even if I clean and organize, I just turn around and something else explodes in a different room. There’s dirt on top of the dirt on top of the clutter. For the record, I used to have a hard time falling asleep at night if my bedroom was messy – this situation is making my skin crawl. I know part of this feeling is just a result of now having kids, but it is no doubt compounded by our small digs. Plus, there are about 1 billion other reasons I could list about needing a new house.

To name a few:

  • We need an area for the dogs
  • We need more adult space (i.e., space not taken over by baby stuff.)
  • We need our trashy neighbors to not let off fireworks at 9pm and wake up the baby
  • We need our child to not grow up next to the ‘hood’
  • We need our kids to not go to Portland schools – no offense
  • We need to be able to house more kids, if we chose to have them
  • We need to not break our toes tripping on shit just trying to get out of bed (yup, happened to Tristan)
  • We need neighbors that aren’t right on top of us, causing the dogs to bark every time someone flushes a toilet

Don’t get me wrong – we’ve loved where we’ve lived for the last 5 years. It did it’s job. And it will always be Charlie’s first home. But we’re beginning the search to move up to bigger and better things. It’s exciting yet stressful at the same time… but we are looking forward to the day that we have our own space where we, our child, and our canine babies can be FREE from the confines of our 1,029 square feet!

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