Month 7 in Photos

Well, it was bound to happen. I missed a top 10 month. Since we are just 2 days shy of 8 months, I thought it would be fun to cover month 7 in photos. Here we go!

I like to talk on the phone to all my friends!

I still sleep so cute – and more importantly, through the night!

I’m learning to share!

Not everything works the way I want it to, but that’s okay, I’ll figure it out eventually.

My mom still thinks it’s funny when I poo.

I love to fly high!
Move over Michael Phelps!

I ride in style!

I told you, I ride in style!!!

I like to chat with my BFFs!

What happens at camp should stay at camp. :-/

I have so many big boy toys and I love them!

I’m still so.damn.cute!

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