I will be a better blogger tomorrow.

It has been a while since my last post. I literally have about 30 blog posts in draft phase. (If draft = undeveloped thought in my head.) It’s just that I’ve been so totes busy doing {insert lame excuse here}.

Really, the winding down of summer and ramping up of mobility of my child has just been hectic. I’ve been working, plus raising a child, plus trying to be a good wife, plus trying to redesign my other website momsinmaine.com, plus trying to get this new blog up and running (I know, all of these new websites are confusing), all on top of trying to remember to eat and find time to pee. Seriously if I’m not doing one of those things, then you can probably find me yelling at a dog that has Houdini’d her way through our back door and is frolicking all over town; DIYing some effing thing for Charlie’s 1st birthday party because Pinterest said I had to; re-running a load of wash for the 4th time because I keep freaking forgetting it is in there until I finally realize that no, what I’m smelling isn’t a lingering bodily function; screaming at my husband “CAN ANYTHING IN OUR LIVES NOT BE FUCKED UP!!!” because the necklace I want to wear that morning has gotten tangled (because obviously he threw it in a ball into the bottom of my purse?); or just collapsing from the sheer exhaustion of it all.

But, enough of this I’m so busy, I must be busier than any person ever in the world crap. Life moves fast, there’s not enough time for every little thing to get done, and I’m not going to feel bad about it. This sentiment is this new thing I’m trying out called “let’s not feel guilty about every life decision we make.”

Instead, I will leave you with an update on what is to come for blog topics:

  • A ‘My Child is 10 Months!’ Double-Digit Update
  • My opinion on pageant moms, with a dash of Honey Boo Boo Child
  • Why SAHMs and WMs need to shut the hell up about how hard their lives are
  • Things I would NEVER do as a parent, that I’ve gone done
  • Why vaccines are good for your heart and good for your soul
  • That guy  girl guy that wanted to lead a La Leche League breastfeeding group
  • Google’s awesome maternity leave policy
  • Some cool new books I (will) read
  • Pondering whether or not some women are just genetically dispositioned to be mamas

Hopefully this list gets you a little excited about this “new” blog, which is really just a new title and new URL that I created as a unified home for my old blog posts (from alittlelittlefield.com and my MiM blog) and my future writing.

So, stay tuned. It’ll be as good as it all sounds. I promise, I will try harder tomorrow.


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