Still in Denial


I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone. We went grocery shopping this weekend, and I went to the baby aisle to get your food and formula. Suddenly I realized, you are switching over to organic whole milk and real people food. With the exception of diapers and wipes, we no longer have the need to visit that aisle anymore. Those thoughts made me remember the days when I was pregnant, that I would walk by that aisle and think “some day, I’ll be shopping in that aisle!” I feel like I just started shopping in it, and now our fun in aisle 12 is over. I suppose I should be happy that I can spend $3.99 on a half gallon of milk instead of $13.99 on a can of formula, but still… can’t I keep you little forever?

On a slighly happier note, here are some of my favorite shots from your First Birthday!! Photos courtesy of Jamie at Mercurio Photography and Design.


Love you!

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