A Day With Nana and a Visit to Dr. F.!


Today was a jam-packed day! First, it was Nana Friday – the first of many to come, that is! Nana has agreed to start taking you on Fridays, and we are so lucky for so many reasons… like, it takes a burden off mama so I won’t have to do daycare drop off and pick up on those days (since I have to work!). And, it saves us a bunch of money in paying for daycare. And the best reason of all, that you get to spend quality time with Nana and your Aunt April and anyone else that gets to stop by for a visit on those days!

I know you are going to have so much fun on Fridays. You’ll go on many adventures, and learn lots of new things. Nana is going to take the best care of you because she loves you so, so much! Here are some adorable pictures from your first Nana Friday Adventure out to brunch. (Rumor has it, you ate scrambled eggs and french toast – yummy!)

Please pass the ketchup!

Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

But, your day today wasn’t all fun and french fries! 🙁 We had your 12 month doctor appointment today at the pediatrician. You weighed in at a whopping 21lbs, 2 ounces! You’re 30.25 inches tall and your head is 19 inches! They had to measure your head three times because for a minute, they thought it shrunk. But not to worry, it’s still there and in the 96th percentile! (You’ve always had a big noggin’!)

You also had to have 3 shots, and you weren’t too happy about it. But, mom and dad firmly believe it’s better for you to have 5 seconds of pain than to get really, really sick. I think it’s harder on us to watch you get those shots than it actually is to get them. You always do a really great job and only cry for a second!

Tonight, Daddy is at camp with your doggies and so I’m sitting here relaxing and writing to you, (responsibly!) drinking a glass of my favorite red wine. You got super sleepy about 20 minutes ago and went right to bed. You’re starting to get really good at the night-night thing…we used to have to rock you and love on you for about a half hour before you’d finally be ready to report to your crib. Now, we turn off the light, turn on your Journey CD and you wiggle right out of our arms, reach for the crib, and conk right out!

Thanks for being the best boy in the world! <3



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