House Hunters, Maine Edition


Today we went to look (again) for a new house for you! We seem to keep finding houses we like, and then they sell before we are able to put an offer on them. This has happened to us 3 times! But, we found a house that mommy and daddy really love. It’s in Gorham.

We aren’t going to get too excited yet, because we’re still not sure if our offer will be accepted, but we plan to make our first official offer on a house tomorrow! God knows that this little tiny condo is just far too small for us to keep living in. So, we’re very excited about the possibility of moving on to bigger and better things!

Also, today is Uncle Ian’s birthday!!! We went and had a little celebration over at Nana & Grampa’s house. It was lots of fun! Happy birthday, Uncle Ian!

Charlie and Uncle Ian, Christmas 2011!

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