Long Days and Itchy Skin

Hi bud,

Mama worked a long day today, so I didn’t get to see you much. 🙁 We hung out this morning before daycare, but I didn’t get home until you were asleep. Days like today make me sad because that was a whole 24 hours of your life I’ve pretty much missed completely. But, I’m learning to be okay with the fact that I can’t be there for everything all the time.

I’ve been told you had another round of hives at daycare. I’m really starting to hope you’re not allergic to something, since this is the second time in a few weeks. You have very sensitive skin and slight eczema, so I’m hoping the hives are just a part of all that skin stuff. We’re going to keep a close eye on you from now on and see if we can pinpoint what is causing this. Hives are no fun!!


Love you,

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