Weekend Away/Boys Weekend


This weekend, I went to Boston for a girls night and left you and daddy behind to have boys night! I left early on Saturday, while you were still in your pj’s and snuggling with daddy having a bottle. I missed you boys SO much, but it was a much needed getaway and fun time spent with my best friend. Every once in a while, Dad and I try to let each other have a little break… It keeps us sane.

Here are some pictures from Boston:


The Christmas spirit all over the city made me sad that we decided not to put out Christmas decorations this year, or get a tree. The condo is just TOO small and you’re TOO busy. Plus, with us potentially moving, it seems silly to unpack all of the boxes just to pack them up again.

But, I decided, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little twinkle and a few snowmen. So, I went and got a mini tree, which we decorated on Sunday!! I got a couple of my favorite decorations out, including our stockings and your Charlie in the Box! 🙂





I am so looking forward to Christmas with you this year, little buddy!


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