Freaking Thanks and Crap

Charlie turned One 32 days ago. His birthday party was 37 days ago. So it’s utterly unacceptable that this stack of thank you cards is still in my possession:

Bonus points for anyone that can tell I took this picture on my bed, because this Mama is going to sleep at 7:45pm. For reals.

Please, don’t call Emily Post on me. Mama be tired. So tired. And working OT and being a solo parent this past weekend hasn’t helped free me up any. The only reason the insides of these cards are filled out is because I had 4 hours of free time on an Amtrack train two weekends ago on my way to Boston. If only the envelopes would address and stamp themselves…

If you came to C’s party or send a gift, big THANKS to you! You will get this thank you card…some day….maybe with your Christmas gift…….or maybe it will be my New Years resolution………..or maybe they will be held hostage and I’ll just add a second note next November for his 2nd birthday. It’s too early to say really, so don’t get your hopes up too high.


Slacker Mom


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