These stomach flus are freaking weird.

Today, I spent the day waiting for it to come on. The upset stomach, the nausea, the rumbly in the tumbly. Tristan wasn’t feeling good all day yesterday, and it finally hit him last night. Err, I guess it hit the toilet to be exact.

This flu season seems to be a really bad one. Lots of colds, a bad flu, and a bunch of different stomach bugs going around. We already had one round of the stomach flu earlier in the year (a few months ago), and Charlie was pukey last week. I’ve been loading up on hand sanitizer and chastising myself every time I chew on my fingernails.

Tristan only got sick once, and then it was (apparently) over. Then I made him sanitize the crap out of the bathroom and used our other bathroom for 24 hours. I slept on the couch because I hate. hate. hate. hate. being sick with stomach bugs. I mean, who likes them? But I have a legitimate phobia, I’m pretty sure. I suppose I better get used to it…we do have a young child after all.

But it seems I’ve managed to avoid this round! I’m knocking on wood and counting my blessings that all I got was a few days of stomach aches from anxiety about the possibility of an impending stomach flu. And I’m glad it was relatively minor for T & C too.


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