The best wedding gift.

Salt & Pep

The most reliable salt and pepper you ever knew.

For this, day 50 of my daily blogs about life as mother to Charlie, I just have a couple simple, random thoughts.

Tristan and I were married over 2 years ago. We received many wonderful gifts. Tonight, as I was home waiting for the boys to arrive home after a long day at work and Nana’s house respectively, I decided to make myself an egg salad sandwich. As I loaded up my bread, I decided to top it with a little salt and pepper. That’s when it hit me…

In two years and four months, we’ve never run out of salt and pepper.

Same shakers, never refilled.

In fact, when I have to refill them I will not know how. I’m sure I can figure it out, but by shaking them a bit I’m glad to hear that they are both still well over half full.

I don’t know if this is a good thing, that we don’t eat a lot of salt. OR, the most shameful evidence that we are horrible cooks and eat out too much.

Either way, what a great gift.


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