Sadness and Flus and Christmas Celebration

I haven’t written our “daily updates” for a few days, obviously. It just didn’t feel right going back to celebrating the every day joys (and not-so-much-joy’s) with my little one after such a horrible tragedy happened just a few hours away. All of the hype and the news stories and the Facebook shares have slowed down, but it will still take a long time for us parents to heal. I still have a heavy heart and get teary when I think about all of the families missing their babies this Christmas.

Other than the bouts of sadness when I catch another news story or a post on the web, things have been going okay. The Littlefield clan survived the “End of the World” as was [not really] predicted by the Mayans… so I guess we have lots to be thankful for in that respect. Like, being thankful that all the crazy doomsday preppers were wrong… this time.

Charlie seems to have come down with a double illness, just in time for the holidays. Luckily, it seems to be on it’s way out…by way of his bum, his mouth, his nose. I mean, seriously, I haven’t been covered in this many bodily fluids since he was born. And it’s pretty sick now that he eats real people food because, you know, he has real people puke. I’m just glad though that he does seem to be on the tail end of it with Christmas so close. And that (knock on wood) none of the adults got this one.

I’m really excited to have an extended break from work. I’m hoping it will give me lots of time to write and play with my little nugget. And celebrate the holidays, of course! We had a super fun family celebration today with Tristan’s side. We have one with mine tomorrow, another on Christmas eve, and then of course lots of fun on Christmas. It’s so fun this year, now that Charlie does more than sleep in his rock ‘n play… like, this year he opens his hundred of dollars work of toys and them promptly plays with the wrapping paper and tissue!

Here are some pictures from the last few days. I’ll be sure to post more pictures from our Very Charlie Christmas in the days to come!


Playing with some new toys!


I climbed onto this couch all by myself!!!


Mmmmm pickles!

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