Beagles are a boys best friend.


This is your dog, Libby. She is a rescued beagle and she snores better than any human being alive. Her favorite pastimes are eating, barking, sleeping, begging for food, and sleeping. She can often be seen scratching under the stove, even though we take the bottom drawer out to prove to her nothing is there. You love to pull on her fur, specifically the extra skin above her eyeball, and you don’t quite understand the world “gentle” yet. You think it is hilarious when she barks, and often follow her from window to window saying “woof woof” as she barks at neighbors walking by.

She’s a good girl and I love her, even though sometimes mommy says she hates her. (Like when she poops in the house or dumps out the entire trash can or eats my flip flops.) She’s your pal and a Littlefield to the bone. I don’t know what we’d do without her…even though sometimes the thought is enticing…. No, really, don’t know what we’d do.





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