Moving and pooping and everything in between.

Has it really been almost a month? At least I left my daily updates on a high note, with Charlie’s first tub poop. A proud moment for everyone involved.

We’ve had a lot going on in the last almost month. The term ‘a lot’ includes buying a second house, packing, moving, vomiting, diarrhea, unpacking, sneezing, coughing, canine stomach flu, sinus infections, trying to rent out our condo, 4 molars, and a double ear infection. Day in the life, no big deal.

Have you ever tried to move with a 1 year old? It kind of sucks, just ask my husband. Especially when you do it over New Years Eve and your wife refuses to let you ask anyone you know for help. Because it’s New Years Eve and whothefuck wants to help someone move during the coldest week of a Maine winter. No one, that’s who. And you now have 10 times more shit because you bought every baby toy ever produced on the mass market. Jesus Christ.

When we moved in to our new place, the basement was 40 degrees. Roasty toasty for a toddler, eh? Thanks to the former owners who kept the thermostat on 50. Which, I guess, was their prerogative. As was letting the oil tank run empty. So what if the temps were below zero? The pipes didn’t freeze so it’s all good. I didn’t need my toes or anything anyway.

Luckily though, we survived, thanks to the 1980’s “efficient” back up electric heat. The first thing we had to do, of course, was baby proof. Then unpack the bar. Then baby proof the bar. We figured everything after that could wait.

We’ve been slowly unpacking in between illnesses. Right before we moved, Tristan had a bout with the stomach flu. Then, the first week here Charlie got the stomach flu. Then, because she’s a traumatized shelter rescue dog who was unfamiliar with her new surroundings, Libby the Beagle got diarrhea. Then Charlie got a head cold. And promptly gave it to Mama, who had also just gotten over a stomach bug. Then Dexter got diarrhea. And promptly gave it back to Libby. And then I ended up with a sinus infection. And Charlie came down with a double ear infection.

Needless to say, we haven’t unpacked completely yet. But it’s getting there. Slowly we’re buying new things and making this place “home.” Our first big purchase was a couch. A nice, big, reclining sectional for the basement. I’ve always wanted an over-sized couch that can be reconfigured in different ways – couldn’t fit that shit into a condo.

We’ve also got a nice, new commute. It only takes about 25 minutes to get to daycare/work in the morning, but that’s 23 more minutes than before. Waking up early is a bitch, but we’re getting used to it. And by “we” I really mean “me,” because I’m the only one in my house that requires 12 hours of sleep to function and could sleep through a fire alarm.

So far, it has been pretty awesome to have lots of space. And now that we’re starting to get settled, I feel like there will only be good things to come. Now, anyone know someone that would like to rent a 2 BR condo?

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