Grateful for B

LittlefieldsI have always thought my grandparents died way too soon. Maybe it feels that way no matter when you lose a grandparent. But, I lost one before I was born, one in college, and the other two just after. None of them got to see me get married or meet my babies, their great-grandbabies. So, when I met and married Tristan, I was so excited to be welcomed into such a loving family with not one, but TWO grandparents still around.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. A beautiful, healthy little girl. An adorable little boy. An awesome best friend and husband. A new home. A warm and loving family-in-law to spend this holiday with. But, none of it would be possible with Nana B.

Nana B, B Nana, or just “B”. She hasn’t been feeling tip-top lately, and has even had to stop working. I’m not glad that she hasn’t been feeling her best, but I am glad that being home more means we get more time with her, and that she gets to spend more time with Charlie and Nora. My biggest regret was not taking more time to spend with my grandparents. It always felt like there would be more time. I’m so grateful that my babies have time with B. And that we have time with B. Time that we will cherish and love every minute of! (And don’t worry, we plan on having many more years with B!!!)

Without B, I wouldn’t have my wonderful mother in law. With my mother in law, I wouldn’t have my amazing husband. And without my husband, I wouldn’t have my heart, my world, my everything – my Charlie and my Nora. So, thanks B! You are so loving and such a wonderful Nana and Great-Nana. I hope you know how much we love you. Everything so wonderful in my life, I have because of you. And this year, I am most grateful to spend Thanksgiving with you!!!

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