Talking about death with a 3 year old and other heartwarming tales.

The other day, Charlie spontaneously and innocently asked me a question. And suddenly, the moment I have dreaded since becoming a parent was beginning to unravel. It’s happening, don’t say the wrong thing. “Mommy, who is that guy?” He asked as he pointed to a candle I had made for my wedding, my father’s picture printed under the words ‘In Loving Memory.’ My heart was pounding. “Charlie, that’s your Grampy,” I said. “Yeah, Nanny and Gram-PIE!” He confirmed. “No, buddy. That’s a different Grampy. He’s my daddy. He’s not around anymore. But if he were, you would have had 3 Grampies!” “That’s you daddy?” “Yep buddy, tha ... Read the full post.