Look Ma, No Cavities!

Sometimes, little things happen and you just can’t believe you are where you are. You are a mom of a human being, with size 8 feet and 20 teeth. How did my little baby get to be so big?

Little C went to the dentist this week, and he did great. I was nervous that he wouldn’t be very cooperative, considering he usually has the attention span of a gnat. But one thing we’ve done very well – if I might toot my own parenting horn – is making brushing teeth fun at night. Charlie has an electric toothbrush and “monster slime” toothpaste and sings the Spiderman theme song every night while he brushes. I believe these things to be the keys to pediatric dental care.

Charlie let the hygienist floss his teeth (twice) AND brush with the electric brush. They snapped the shot below for me, and every time I look at it I just can’t believe how big my little baby is! Another great first for the books!



One thought on “Look Ma, No Cavities!

  1. Hi Michelle and welcome back to blogging. Congrats on baby #2! How old is little C? I have a little one who is 17 months old and it brush the teeth is an ORDEAL! I need to try and find a spiderman tooth brush. I think he may be too young for that… I’m not sure.

    I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Angela Alexander

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