The 37 Month Milestone

Am I the only parent that thought the “But Why” milestone wasn’t really a thing? I thought it was one of those parenting fabrications, kind of like how in every movie a pregnant woman’s water breaks into a pool at some inopportune moment. I thought it was this thing people complained about because it’s funny. Like, annoying funny.  But alas, between the ages of 2-3 children are “gaining the cognitive ability to make connections” and have a thirst for more information about how things work.

So at 37 months, here it is.  “But, why?”

Three thousand times a day, every sentence is followed with, “But why?” Can’t have fruit snack for breakfast — but, why? Can’t hit the dog – but, why? Can’t pick our nose and eat it – but, why? Can’t not go to school – why? Why, why, why, why.

Because I said so.

I have a rule of 3. I will make a good attempt to answer 3 why’s, before I just “say so.”

Any other tips on how to survive Why Purgatory would be great. Because other than that, it’s pretty much like this:


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