Beagles are a boys best friend.

Charlie, This is your dog, Libby. She is a rescued beagle and she snores better than any human being alive. Her favorite pastimes are eating, barking, sleeping, begging for food, and sleeping. She can often be seen scratching under the stove, even though we take the bottom drawer out to prove to her nothing is there. You love to pull on her fur, specifically the extra skin above her eyeball, and you don’t quite understand the world “gentle” yet. You think it is hilarious when she barks, and often follow her from window to window saying “woof woof” as she barks at neighbors walking by. She’s a good girl and I love her, even though sometimes mommy says she hates her. (Like when she poops in the house or dum ... Read the full post.

Moving and pooping and everything in between.

Has it really been almost a month? At least I left my daily updates on a high note, with Charlie’s first tub poop. A proud moment for everyone involved. We’ve had a lot going on in the last almost month. The term ‘a lot’ includes buying a second house, packing, moving, vomiting, diarrhea, unpacking, sneezing, coughing, canine stomach flu, sinus infections, trying to rent out our condo, 4 molars, and a double ear infection. Day in the life, no big deal. Have you ever tried to move with a 1 year old? It kind of sucks, just ask my husband. Especially when you do it over New Years Eve and your wife refuses to let you ask anyone you know for help. Because it’s New Years Eve and whothefuck wants to help someone move ... Read the full post.

TMI Tub Turd

Dear Charlie, Tonight you did your first tub turd. This is probably embarrassing and TMI to share here, but don’t worry – everybody does it when they are babies. I should have known what was happening by the conspicuous ‘squat and smile’ you were doing. But, alas, I didn’t notice until it was too late and we had to exit the tubby and break out the bleach.   Dear Blog Readers, No, I didn’t take a picture. Ya welcome.   xoxo, The Mom   Share:FacebookRedditPinterestTwitterGoogleTumblrEmailLike this:Like Loading... ... Read the full post.

The best wedding gift.

The most reliable salt and pepper you ever knew. For this, day 50 of my daily blogs about life as mother to Charlie, I just have a couple simple, random thoughts. Tristan and I were married over 2 years ago. We received many wonderful gifts. Tonight, as I was home waiting for the boys to arrive home after a long day at work and Nana’s house respectively, I decided to make myself an egg salad sandwich. As I loaded up my bread, I decided to top it with a little salt and pepper. That’s when it hit me… In two years and four months, we’ve never run out of salt and pepper. Same shakers, never refilled. In fact, when I have to refill them I will not know how. I’m sure I can figure it out, but by shaking them a bit I&# ... Read the full post.

These stomach flus are freaking weird.

Today, I spent the day waiting for it to come on. The upset stomach, the nausea, the rumbly in the tumbly. Tristan wasn’t feeling good all day yesterday, and it finally hit him last night. Err, I guess it hit the toilet to be exact. This flu season seems to be a really bad one. Lots of colds, a bad flu, and a bunch of different stomach bugs going around. We already had one round of the stomach flu earlier in the year (a few months ago), and Charlie was pukey last week. I’ve been loading up on hand sanitizer and chastising myself every time I chew on my fingernails. Tristan only got sick once, and then it was (apparently) over. Then I made him sanitize the crap out of the bathroom and used our other bathroom for 24 hours. I slept ... Read the full post.

Sadness and Flus and Christmas Celebration

I haven’t written our “daily updates” for a few days, obviously. It just didn’t feel right going back to celebrating the every day joys (and not-so-much-joy’s) with my little one after such a horrible tragedy happened just a few hours away. All of the hype and the news stories and the Facebook shares have slowed down, but it will still take a long time for us parents to heal. I still have a heavy heart and get teary when I think about all of the families missing their babies this Christmas. Other than the bouts of sadness when I catch another news story or a post on the web, things have been going okay. The Littlefield clan survived the “End of the World” as was [not really] predicted by the Mayans& ... Read the full post.