If you don’t have anything nice to say…just say it anyway.

One thing that you get used to as a parent is that everything you do and everything you say is ‘wrong’ according to someone. Even the things you do right for yourself or your child, they’re probably not right for anyone else. Some of the world is okay with letting you know you’re doing it all wrong right to your face, while others just sit and judge in silence. But, when it comes to parenting, you kind of have to go with the flow, pick your battles and just do whatever the hell works for you. And so it kind of is with blogging. I’ve been blogging for like, what, almost 2 years now? I’ve been writing for much longer. And the first hard lesson I’ve had to learn is that there will ALWAYS be critics. No ... Read the full post.

Assholes Do NOT Belong in Movie Theaters!!!

It looks like the war against parents wages on in the blogosphere, with this eloquent new post by “Gwydhar” called Babies Do NOT Belong In Movie Theaters!!! Note the capital “not” and trifecta of exclamation points. She really.fucking.means.it. Gryffindor complains about her attempt to catch a matinee of an animated movie, Monsters University, with her husband who is “not fond” of animated movies. Just to recap: She went to an animated film. In the afternoon. During the summer. With someone who couldn’t give a shit about animated films. Hmm. Let’s let that sink in for a minute… Gargamel continues to explain how a baby ruined her movie experience, with full on “ear-splitting” ... Read the full post.

Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

Dear man at the car dealership service center that just stole my seat, If you are wondering why that spot on the leather sofa was nice and warm, it’s because I was sitting there for almost 2 hours before you decided to steal it. Granted, I got up for 15 seconds to talk to the service guy about my need for new tires… But the 2 large bags at your feet, coffee and breakfast in front of you, and open newspaper that I was – you know – in the middle of reading, should have provided you some clue that the space was occupied. Don’t mind me and this heavy, uncomfortable fetus that I will stick out in front of your face as I huff and puff to gather all of my belongings. And the “excuse me” I muttered as I di ... Read the full post.

An Open Letter to Suzy Weiss: You are an Asshole.

Dear Suzy Lee Weiss, I know why (all) those colleges rejected you. And it has nothing to do with much of the content of your op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, who really just published your piece to generate a little boost in readership. Not because it was awesome or so spot on. No, they knew it would spark controversy because they saw what the majority of society also sees: You’re an asshole. And I think that must be part of where you went wrong in your college applications – you did exactly what colleges tell you. “Just be yourself.” Unfortunately, yourself is a teenage asshole. And they saw right through you. Other adjectives that can be used to describe you would also include bratty, entitled, selfish, racist, b ... Read the full post.