Review Time: LilyPadz

Reviews: When it feels right or the mood strikes, I’m going to review some products here. I will write reviews independent of any kind of compensation. This is so you know that my opinion is 100% untainted by dollah dollah bills. View my full review policy here. The other day, someone in my online mommy group brought LilyPadz to my attention. She was looking for advice from someone who had used them, which I had not, however after reading the description on I decided I kind of needed to have them. From Amazon: “LilyPadz are the revolutionary alternative to traditional nursing pads combining such unique features as flexibility, breathability, invisibility and ‘sticks-to-you-ability’ to provide the kind of ... Read the full post.

Dear Breastfeeding New Mom…

Dear Breastfeeding New Mom, I’m sorry no one told you that it was going to be so hard. (Not the new mom part – no, everyone told you that would be hard. I mean the breastfeeding part.) Right now you’re probably feeling sore and frustrated and tired and unsure. And no one warned you that it would be so hard to do something so natural. No one told you about the bloody, chapped nipples, or the leaking milk e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., or the intense pain of engorgement/clogged ducts/mastitis. Or the veins or the sagging or that your breasts would grow more than the Grinch’s heart on Christmas. Until now, you had never heard the term ‘bleb’, you had no idea that nipple shields were an actual thing, and Blanch was j ... Read the full post.

Doing things differently the second time around.

27 Weeks! Who needs pants? Wow, did anyone realize that I’m now 27 weeks pregnant? That means there are only 13 more weeks until I hold the lives of two (TWO!!!) human beings in my hands – a 22 month old, and a newborn. Holy balls. I’ll never forget it, trying to get pregnant with Charlie and a few months in thinking, this is never going to happen, I know my body is broken. It wasn’t, and after just a bit of hard work, I found myself staring at two pink lines saying “shit, what the hell did we just do?” The idea of a baby is so wonderful and exciting, until you realize there is one growing in you and you freak the fuck out. Then, upon deciding we make really awesome kids, hubby and I decided to go for it ... Read the full post.

American University Professor: Bad Parent, Bad Employee, or Both?

Recently, this story about an American University professor breastfeeding her sick child in front of her class caused quite the media stir. In summary, the article explains that the single-parent/professor opted to bring her child to work with her since she could not be sent to daycare due to a high fever and she was incapable of finding other adequate care. The author notes, “The baby, in a blue onesie, crawled on the floor of the lecture hall during part of the 75-minute class two weeks ago, according to the professor’s account. The mother extracted a paper clip from the girl’s mouth at one point and shooed her away from an electrical outlet. A teaching assistant held the baby and rocked her at times, volunteering to help even t ... Read the full post.

I’ll Latch On, Mayor Bloomberg – If You’ll Wake Up

Recently, you probably noticed that I was irritated to learn about Mayor Bloomberg’s sudden interest in his female citizen’s boobies. Now that some time has passed, and more information and clarifications have come out regarding Latch On NYC, I thought I’d write a follow up to state that perhaps my first response was a bit harsh. No, I’m not admitting I was wrong – Me? Wrong? Never. But, yes, maybe I was a bit harsh. It has been clarified that Latch On NYC was simply intended to be “a citywide initiative designed to support mothers who choose to breastfeed.” While original reports said that formula would be locked up and only given if medically necessary (and only after a firm talking to – don ... Read the full post.

Mayor Bloomberg, Please Stay Away From my Boobs.

Starting September 3rd, the city of New York is taking back what it believes is rightfully theirs to control – its citizens boobies. That’s right, the city is enacting new regulations to “encourage” breastfeeding and discourage the use of formula. This recent article by the New York Post made a glorious introduction of the Latch On Program – an initiative in NYC that asks hospitals to ditch Formula samples and tchotchkes, hide their formula under lock and key, and give new mothers a “talking-to” if they request supplementation. I haven’t felt this violated since Bobby tried to cop a feel during my first game of 7 Minutes in Heaven. As a pro-breastfeeding mom, I get the foundation on which this ... Read the full post.

The Beginning of the End

It has been a few days since I’ve posted. I’d say there have been a number of reasons why – busy with a new job, busy with a 7 month old, busy with a SICK 7 month old, busy with life in general. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have been glued to the 50 Shade of Grey trilogy. Nope, nothing I say. Anyway, it has been an eventful month for me and the C-Man. A few weeks ago, I decided to starting making “the switch.” That’s right , I’m talking about the switch from breastmilk to formula. *GASP* The topic of breastfeeding has come up a few times on MomsinMaine, and it seems like there is a common theme – more often than not, breastfeeding is a struggle. A struggle because of th ... Read the full post.

The Boob Diaries

If my blog readership was previously 99% female, that figure is about to become 100%. Because this post is about boobies, and not in the way that men like to talk about ’em. ( . ) ( . ) Breastfeeding is hard. Not only do nursing mothers have to deal with crap like this (woman fired for needing to pump at work), and this (TSA embarrasses woman by requiring her to pump at security), and this (Target employees threaten nursing mother with ‘indecent exposure’), but we also have to fight the good fight against all of the struggles that breastfeeding presents, in general. One would think that something so natural would be easy. But, it’s tough and any mom that tries to say otherwise is lying or, in my personal opinion, a f ... Read the full post.

It’s okay to cry over spilled milk.

Well, it finally happened. I knew it was just a matter of time, and last night I was proven right. Every couple goes through some “growing pains” when a baby arrives and they become parents for the first time. It’s true, what they say, the dynamic of relationships change. It is inevitable. So, let this post serve as a message warning to all fathers and future fathers alike that hope to keep their relationships in tact… Never, if you wish to keep the hand with which you poured it, dump any quantity of pumped breast milk down the sink!!! That sh*t doesn’t grow on trees. You might already know, but Tristan is just about the most mellow, calm guy that ever existed. Not much frazzles him, including an 8 lb mini-hu ... Read the full post.