Shit Parent, by Default

Have you heard about the default parent? The post went viral recently, and the author #nailedit. Seriously, it’s one of those blog posts that just makes most parents quietly sigh, “Yessss.” Even reading it aloud to my husband last night, he agreed. Every family, we’ve decided, must be functioning like this to some degree – including us. However, M. Blazoned put this much more eloquently than I ever could have. The hubs and I have been talking about this concept a lot lately, before we even stumbled onto this “Default” theory. Except, I have defined two roles in our family: the fun parent and the shit parent. The latter is a noun, not an adjective and should not be confused with “shitty” ... Read the full post.

I’d like to Move it, Move it.

When I first got pregnant, the first (of many) things we panicked about was the fact that we needed a new house. We live in a small, 2 bedroom condo, and the second 2 pink lines appeared, it went on the market. We kept the condo listed for a few months, and had a lot of interest. Unfortunately, 4 other owners in our complex also decided it was also a good idea to sell. I was also working from home and had to readjust my work schedule, as well as schlep 2 dogs out of the house, every time someone decided they wanted to come look at the place. As time passed, I was becoming bigger and bigger and my nesting instinct was growing out of control. Finally we decided, screw this, let’s just set up the nursery and figure it out in 9 months. No ... Read the full post.