In the end, she didn’t fail at all.

I don’t know why this update has been so difficult for me to write. I have 5 drafts and have been staring at the blinking cursor on a blank page on and off for a week. I guess it starts with a thank you – to everyone who has reached out to me since my last post about postpartum depression. While it makes me sad to know that so many other moms can related to my experience, it also makes the burden much lighter to bear. At the very least, it is wonderful to know how much support I have from everyone around me. It will be three weeks this Sunday since I started meds. And, I am tired. Honestly, that has been the worst side effect for me. My doctor told me to expect to not feel the full impact of the medication for 3-4 weeks, and by ... Read the full post.

So, I’ve got Prozac in my purse.

For five days, I could hear the sound of defeat clinking around from inside my purse. To the unsuspecting ear, it could have been an innocent box of TicTac mints or a traveling supply of Advil. But to me it was the sound of concession. Of giving in to something I have fought for the last three years. For five days, during each moment of stress or anxiety I would look at my purse, as if I was willing it to give me sign. I could almost hear it whispering, “Let me help you…” I have postpartum depression. As many as one in seven women in the United States, or nearly 15% of new moms, is believed to suffer from some form of mental illness during or after pregnancy, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecolog ... Read the full post.