An Open Letter from the Dogs

Dear Owners, Is that bacon? Listen, we’ve got to talk. What gives? You brought home another one of those little mini-humans and, once again, nobody even asked us. We have some grievances and our frustrations have been building up for a while, so we thought it was finally time to bring these things to your attention. First and foremost, our names are Dexter and Libby. Get it right. It’s not Asshole, Little Shit, Fucker, or Douche Bag. You gave us the names, is it really that hard to remember them? And yes, we bark. We’re dogs – that’s kind of what you signed up for. If you don’t want me to bark at the sink, maybe you should wash the dishes more than once a week. I mean, there’s food remnants stuck on ... Read the full post.

And god made a dog…

I’d like to share this video as a precursor to my post for tomorrow. So, hopefully, no one will call the ASPCA on me. This video was the kind that used to make me Ooooh and Aaaaah pre-baby. Now I’m all, “Yeah that’s nice, but if anyone will take our beagle I’ll GLADLY give her for free.” Enjoy. Share:FacebookRedditPinterestTwitterGoogleTumblrEmailLike this:Like Loading... ... Read the full post.

Beagles are a boys best friend.

Charlie, This is your dog, Libby. She is a rescued beagle and she snores better than any human being alive. Her favorite pastimes are eating, barking, sleeping, begging for food, and sleeping. She can often be seen scratching under the stove, even though we take the bottom drawer out to prove to her nothing is there. You love to pull on her fur, specifically the extra skin above her eyeball, and you don’t quite understand the world “gentle” yet. You think it is hilarious when she barks, and often follow her from window to window saying “woof woof” as she barks at neighbors walking by. She’s a good girl and I love her, even though sometimes mommy says she hates her. (Like when she poops in the house or dum ... Read the full post.

Feeding the Dogs

Charlie, When you were born, I had quite a few legitimate concerns about the well-being of our dogs, Dexter and Libby. I think it’s safe to say that, even though they may have had it rough for the first few months, there are times that they reap the benefits of having you around. For example: xoxo, Mama Share:FacebookRedditPinterestTwitterGoogleTumblrEmailLike this:Like Loading... ... Read the full post.