An Open Letter to Suzy Weiss: You are an Asshole.

Dear Suzy Lee Weiss, I know why (all) those colleges rejected you. And it has nothing to do with much of the content of your op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, who really just published your piece to generate a little boost in readership. Not because it was awesome or so spot on. No, they knew it would spark controversy because they saw what the majority of society also sees: You’re an asshole. And I think that must be part of where you went wrong in your college applications – you did exactly what colleges tell you. “Just be yourself.” Unfortunately, yourself is a teenage asshole. And they saw right through you. Other adjectives that can be used to describe you would also include bratty, entitled, selfish, racist, b ... Read the full post.

Don’t be a Martyr: Who Birthed Better?

mar·tyr ● [mahr-ter] ● noun – A person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause: a martyr to the cause of social justice. Laboring. Recently, I was reminiscing about Charlie’s birth and those first precious few weeks. I like to read through my birth story from time to time, to remind myself exactly how our little family of 3 came to be. But this time, while perusing the paragraphs, the strangest thing happened… I couldn’t remember the pain. I am pretty sure it hurt, I wrote that it hurt…I even remember thinking that I’d rather jump out the window at one point. But, I thought for sure I had to be exaggerating – did it really hurt that bad? It ... Read the full post.

“You Who Think You Know It All…

Are Annoying to Those of Us That Do.” I belong to an online mom group of women who gave birth in November. It might seem weird that I have “internet mommy friends” all over the world, but we’ve been communicating since last February, and we’ve gotten close. I talk to them more than my IRL friends (that’s web speak for ‘in real life’) and they probably know more about me and my child than some of my family. These women are not only great resources, but the group is full of really, really awesome ladies who are all at the exact same point in life as I am. It’s great to have people that truly “get it.” Recently in our group, a hot topic came up and I was surprised that I was the ... Read the full post.