U.S. Moms don’t need maternity leave, so just shut up about it already.

I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I wrote this little ditty on maternity leave. Even more, I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I wrote that little ditty and not a goddamn thing has changed in mandated federal family leave policies. Since 2012, I’ve gotten a second round at what I hoped would be a better maternity leave with my little girl. And while my second experience was better because I actually qualified for FMLA, it was far, far, far from what I should have been given. In the year 2015, the United States is still the only advanced country that offers no universal paid leave policy. 12% of U.S. women have access to paid leave after childbirth. Twelve percent. The one proposal to make any attempt to fix t ... Read the full post.

Kate may be pregnant, but we are still all fucked.

I don’t know if you heard, but word on the street is that Kate Middleton is pregnant. That’s right, Christmas has come early for the palace peepers and they could just about shit. If you don’t keep up on all things “Kate and Wills”, you may be wondering what this means for the rest of us. The answer to that question is, absolutely nothing. It literally affects that majority of the world in no way. Yet still, apparently internet searches have spiked 18,305%, proving that the rest of the free world leads extraordinarily boring lives. Unfortunately, it was a horrible case of hyperemesis gravidarum that thrust Kate’s early pregnancy into the limelight. Puke has never seemed so pretty! Personally, I was lucky ... Read the full post.

Paid Leave: Better Luck Next Time, Sincerely Olympia Snowe

Remember that time I got upset about parental (maternity) leave? Well, I did actually write to my senators and try to get them to do something about it. I received this letter (to the left) back from Senator Olympia Snowe, which made me feel like kind of a big deal. (Yes, I know it’s just a form letter.) Don’t get too excited though…You probably can’t read the fine print, so I’ll summarize it for you: Don’t call us, we’ll call you. The important item of note in her reply to me was the following: “I noted your support for the funding of Family and Medical Leave Insurance programs, specifically the State Paid Leave Fund, under the President’s budget for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.  As you ... Read the full post.

I’ll Latch On, Mayor Bloomberg – If You’ll Wake Up

Recently, you probably noticed that I was irritated to learn about Mayor Bloomberg’s sudden interest in his female citizen’s boobies. Now that some time has passed, and more information and clarifications have come out regarding Latch On NYC, I thought I’d write a follow up to state that perhaps my first response was a bit harsh. No, I’m not admitting I was wrong – Me? Wrong? Never. But, yes, maybe I was a bit harsh. It has been clarified that Latch On NYC was simply intended to be “a citywide initiative designed to support mothers who choose to breastfeed.” While original reports said that formula would be locked up and only given if medically necessary (and only after a firm talking to – don ... Read the full post.

An Open Letter to Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, new (pregnant) CEO of Yahoo! Dear Marissa Mayer, Kudos on your new gig. Becoming the CEO of Yahoo!, and one of only 20 female CEOs within the Fortune 500, is a pretty big deal. Also, congrats on your pregnancy! What an exciting and happy time for you. I’m sorry society seems to be up your ass about all this lately. Getting a new job and announcing a pregnancy should be two wonderful announcements to make – apparently, just not together. Sorry to say but, you should probably just get used to these pains in the ass… becoming a mother comes with a lot of them. (Reader’s Note: Yes, that’s another hemorrhoid reference.) When I was pregnant, my biggest pet peeve was the unsolicited advice from other moms. You ... Read the full post.

Frankly, it’s really just easier to hire a MAN.

My last blog post regarding maternity leave in the U.S. was flooded with comments for and against maternity leave reform in this country. But it was this statement by my new buddy John that struck me most:  “…Frankly, it’s really just easier to hire a MAN.” And that, folks, is what we’re up against. My previous statements might have given some people the impression that I was blaming my employer for my plight after the birth of my child. Granted, they only provided me 6 weeks of maternity leave – and it’s still up to question whether or not they denied me my legal right to FMLA. But, I want to be clear. My previous employer was actually pretty great. I’d even go so far as to say (up until I ended ... Read the full post.

Wake Up Moms – You’re Fighting the Wrong Fight!

This post was originally written as a guest blog for www.momsinmaine.com. Read the original post here. Over the last week, I’ve been asked my opinion on the recent TIME Magazine cover no fewer than twenty times. Apparently, having birthed a baby recently was supposed to mean I should care. Or something. The article associated with the now notorious cover (which became a hot topic even before the actual edition of the magazine hit newsstands) discusses a style of parenting called  attachment parenting and, by extension, mothers nursing their children for extended periods of time. I’d go into more detail on the theory and principles behind attachment parenting if I had more time, but I’m sorry – I’m busy perfec ... Read the full post.

Today is the Day… Sad Face

It has arrived – my last day of maternity leave. Tear. It is a bittersweet day for me. On one hand, I enjoy my job. I work for a great company doing a job that I actually studied for in college. I have great benefits, and I work from home. Can’t really beat that. On the other hand, I would give up anything in the world to not miss a minute of Charlie’s childhood. If it weren’t for the fact that I’d like to do things, such as clothe, feed and provide a home for him to live in, ‘anything’ would probably also include my job. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but most pregnant ladies get highly offended by various things you say and do to them. For example, did you know that saying “Wow, ... Read the full post.