An Open Letter to Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, new (pregnant) CEO of Yahoo! Dear Marissa Mayer, Kudos on your new gig. Becoming the CEO of Yahoo!, and one of only 20 female CEOs within the Fortune 500, is a pretty big deal. Also, congrats on your pregnancy! What an exciting and happy time for you. I’m sorry society seems to be up your ass about all this lately. Getting a new job and announcing a pregnancy should be two wonderful announcements to make – apparently, just not together. Sorry to say but, you should probably just get used to these pains in the ass… becoming a mother comes with a lot of them. (Reader’s Note: Yes, that’s another hemorrhoid reference.) When I was pregnant, my biggest pet peeve was the unsolicited advice from other moms. You ... Read the full post.

Wake Up Moms – You’re Fighting the Wrong Fight!

This post was originally written as a guest blog for Read the original post here. Over the last week, I’ve been asked my opinion on the recent TIME Magazine cover no fewer than twenty times. Apparently, having birthed a baby recently was supposed to mean I should care. Or something. The article associated with the now notorious cover (which became a hot topic even before the actual edition of the magazine hit newsstands) discusses a style of parenting called  attachment parenting and, by extension, mothers nursing their children for extended periods of time. I’d go into more detail on the theory and principles behind attachment parenting if I had more time, but I’m sorry – I’m busy perfec ... Read the full post.