A Letter to my Daughter on her First Birthday

Dear Bean, Just a few seconds old! In true second child fashion, this first birthday letter is late. Very late. You turned one a week, 11 days, 19, 21, 23 (okay this is just getting embarrassing) days ago. But I guess that means I just need to make this letter extra special – kind of like you. One year ago, I thought you would never come out. It was looking like you were destined to live inside my womb until it was time to go to college, feet tucked oh so uncomfortably up inside my ribcage. But then in true female fashion, one good shopping trip was just enough to get you moving. And the rest was history. Not that I intend to stereotype you. You don’t have to love shopping just because you’re a girl. In fact, mom and dad& ... Read the full post.

Top 10: One month – Nora style!

Waah! I don’t wanna grow up!!! How is it even possible that I am writing about my new baby being a MONTH old? I feel like it’s been a day, or a week. I thought time flew by with Charlie, but this is just out of control. In fact, there are many things that are different with the second baby. Like how they only take 10 minutes of pushing instead of 110. Or how you actually know what to do with ‘it’ when the doctor hands the baby over and leaves you all alone in the delivery room. Or how you actually get sleep in the hospital because you only have 2 visitors (your parents). Or, any of the following: 10. You actually take showers during the day. That’s right, you actually put the baby down in its bassinet, and you ... Read the full post.

This mom is a working mom.

Remember that time I got all ragey, quit my job and was a stay at home mom for like 17 seconds? When I got a great job offer, I immediately went right back to work. And ever since, I have grappled with the fact that I am “missing” huge chunks of my children’s lives. Am I doing the right thing by working outside the home? Does it make me a crappy mom? Paying copious amounts of money for daycare for two children, combined with the fact that I know firsthand how quickly Nora’s infancy is going to FLY by, has led me to contemplate (once again) becoming a stay at home mom. What’s the point of going back to work anyway, if I pay out my salary to daycare? Oh, the moments I would cherish, the memories I could relish. A ... Read the full post.

And one more makes four.

“Everything’s going to change now, isn’t it?” – Harry Potter   Nora’s birth story began with me convinced it was never going to begin. When I found out I was pregnant again, my intuition told me two things: (1) it was a girl, and (2) she was going to come late. Turns out, my intuition is pretty good. Nora was due to arrive on Saturday, September 28th. As the date crept closer, I thought for sure my intuition had been wrong and that she would come sooner…from about my 37th week on, it felt like her head was already halfway out. I had a hard time walking around, sitting at my desk at work, and I was constantly having Braxton Hicks and minor contractions. My doctor checked me at my 38-week appoint ... Read the full post.