Please, if nothing else, wish for health.

The other day, a friend of mine shared this post, Let’s Stop Saying: “We Don’t Care, as Long as our Baby’s Healthy.” This is not the first time I’ve seen it suggested that parents stop using the phrase. And as it seemed many of my friends agreed, this is the kind of thing that makes me angry to be a member of this generation of parents. Why is everyone so offended by everything these days? Seriously, is this the result of the “nobody fails and everyone makes the team” philosophy? I’m sure that was beginning as I was exiting grade school, and it has resulted in a society of young adults who get butthurt about, seemingly, everything everyone ever said or did. Though, this author isn&# ... Read the full post.

You are what you wear? Offensive future bride babies everywhere.

I am too hurt.. and shocked… and offended.. and… hurt! Apparently there is a new baby onesie out there causing quite the stir. The onesie is an unoffensive shade of white with a silver applique of rhinestones spelling out the “offensive” phrase Future Bride. Offensive? Really, people? Both HuffPost Parents, who posted the story to their Facebook page with the caption “Well, this onesie is offensive,” and Jezebel, who advised to “never, ever dress a child” in it, cite this onesie as the most recent regression in feminism. Oh, for f*cks sake. Let’s forget about the fact that women still only make 82.2% of the salary that men make. Let’s continue to allow billionaire business women l ... Read the full post.