If you don’t have anything nice to say…just say it anyway.

One thing that you get used to as a parent is that everything you do and everything you say is ‘wrong’ according to someone. Even the things you do right for yourself or your child, they’re probably not right for anyone else. Some of the world is okay with letting you know you’re doing it all wrong right to your face, while others just sit and judge in silence. But, when it comes to parenting, you kind of have to go with the flow, pick your battles and just do whatever the hell works for you. And so it kind of is with blogging. I’ve been blogging for like, what, almost 2 years now? I’ve been writing for much longer. And the first hard lesson I’ve had to learn is that there will ALWAYS be critics. No ... Read the full post.

You are what you wear? Offensive future bride babies everywhere.

I am too hurt.. and shocked… and offended.. and… hurt! Apparently there is a new baby onesie out there causing quite the stir. The onesie is an unoffensive shade of white with a silver applique of rhinestones spelling out the “offensive” phrase Future Bride. Offensive? Really, people? Both HuffPost Parents, who posted the story to their Facebook page with the caption “Well, this onesie is offensive,” and Jezebel, who advised to “never, ever dress a child” in it, cite this onesie as the most recent regression in feminism. Oh, for f*cks sake. Let’s forget about the fact that women still only make 82.2% of the salary that men make. Let’s continue to allow billionaire business women l ... Read the full post.

If You’re Going to UnBaby.Me, I’d Like to UnMoron.You

You’d rather see bacon than this?! While scanning my newsfeed yesterday, I came across a post that contained this article about the new Facebook App, UnBaby.me, which users can subscribe to in order to swap pictures of babies in their newsfeed for pictures of cats or dogs, or whatever else they choose. My first thought was: “Hey, they stole the cute spokesbaby from the Harold Alfond Challenge in their imagery at the top. Is that legal?” My second thought was: “Oh, am I supposed to be offended that people don’t want to see pictures of my baby?” I’m an over-sharer on Facebook when it comes to pictures of my kid. I admit it. My kid is freaking cute, and it took me 36 hours of unmedicated torture to spe ... Read the full post.

“You Who Think You Know It All…

Are Annoying to Those of Us That Do.” I belong to an online mom group of women who gave birth in November. It might seem weird that I have “internet mommy friends” all over the world, but we’ve been communicating since last February, and we’ve gotten close. I talk to them more than my IRL friends (that’s web speak for ‘in real life’) and they probably know more about me and my child than some of my family. These women are not only great resources, but the group is full of really, really awesome ladies who are all at the exact same point in life as I am. It’s great to have people that truly “get it.” Recently in our group, a hot topic came up and I was surprised that I was the ... Read the full post.