If You’re Going to UnBaby.Me, I’d Like to UnMoron.You

You’d rather see bacon than this?! While scanning my newsfeed yesterday, I came across a post that contained this article about the new Facebook App, UnBaby.me, which users can subscribe to in order to swap pictures of babies in their newsfeed for pictures of cats or dogs, or whatever else they choose. My first thought was: “Hey, they stole the cute spokesbaby from the Harold Alfond Challenge in their imagery at the top. Is that legal?” My second thought was: “Oh, am I supposed to be offended that people don’t want to see pictures of my baby?” I’m an over-sharer on Facebook when it comes to pictures of my kid. I admit it. My kid is freaking cute, and it took me 36 hours of unmedicated torture to spe ... Read the full post.

Sh*t! I Can’t Stop Sharing!

Cute Baby Alert! Just about every one of my friends on Facebook would probably tell you, I’m an over-sharer when it comes to my kid. That’s right, I belong front and center on STFU, Parents. And, you know what? I don’t really care. Before I became a mom, I was one of “the annoyed” too. I didn’t give a shit about your sonogram, considering I couldn’t even find the baby in one of those f-ing things. I didn’t really care about your “bump” progression, your 48-hour labor, or your baby’s ugly alien face. Certainly could not have cared less that your baby was up 3 times last night – I slept just fine, thanks. He can roll over? Big deal, my dog learned to do that in, like, a w ... Read the full post.