5 Ways College Totally Prepared me for Motherhood

I was thinking the other day, longingly, about the good ole college days and times when life was simpler. When I had almost not a care in the world. Times when I wasn’t up all night with little to no sleep or constantly cleaning up someone else’s vomit or memorizing silly little songs to sing at random moments. Until I realized, no, college was kind of just like that. Especially on nights that I was a designated driver to all those filling their steins to dear old Maine. So here are 5 ways that my college experience totally prepared me for motherhood…or, at least, 5 ways that college was eerily parallel to motherhood and I was still completely and utterly unprepared in both scenarios. Take your pick.   5. The all-ni ... Read the full post.

To bully and to be bullied.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt One day, in second grade, I was picked on while riding the school bus. I usually don’t remember details back that far, but I’m confident that this was the first time I was “bullied.” A girl, who happened to live in the low income housing project up the street, was making fun of the plastic halloween necklace I was wearing. She called it cheap and ugly, and probably said a few other things that I don’t remember but were obviously a pretty big deal when you’re 8. I was on the verge of tears and replied, “So what, my dad just died and we can’t afford other jewelry!” It wasn’t really true. I mean, I did ... Read the full post.