Being thankful for our teachers.

Once, I thought about becoming a teacher. I was in between jobs, wanting a change in career, and thought it would be really great to have summers off. And be the boss of 20-30 impressionable young minds… Me, molding the youth of America. Just to get 3 months a year to sleep in until 11 am, plus snow days. Don’t forget the snow days. All of the above is probably what makes me NOT the best candidate to become a teacher. In 2011, the average starting salary for teachers was $33,950. A teacher with 20+ years of experience averaged a $56,055 salary. (1) Most spend their summers working second jobs or expanding their education to stay certified or better themselves professionally. Not only do they get snow days, which of course they h ... Read the full post.

Love and gratitude and hope.

Every night, we rock our son to sleep and tuck him in his crib. I check on him at least twice, just to rub his back and make sure he’s still there and still breathing. I listen to the slow inhale and exhale on the monitor in confirmation that, no, this isn’t a dream – we made him. We get to keep him for always. Every morning, we get to wake up and fight him as we try to change his diaper, and scold him as he tries to pull the dog’s tail for the hundredth time. We have to watch him closely as he makes his way up and down, on and off the sofa or as he balances himself standing on top of his toy car, testing his limits and our patience. All of these moments go by in the blink of an eye and we, as parents and as humans, ... Read the full post.