It’s a deer! It’s a bear! It’s a cart from the Dollar Tree!!!

Charlie, Tonight I got excited as I was driving home from work, because I thought I saw a deer frolicking in the neighborhood. While it is true that I have much-less-than-perfect eye sight and poor night vision, I am usually not quite so sorely mistaken. I present to you reason eleventy-billion why we can’t wait to move: Apparently my frolicking Bambi was nothing more than a stack of freaking shopping carts left by the assholes that live in the projects next door. I mean, I get that we live near a shopping plaza. And these other people are in state funded housing. But does that mean they need to leave their shopping buggies all over creation to tank the value of my already upside-fucking-down condo??!! I guess so. Thanks for that. An ... Read the full post.